Ministry of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth is charged with tending to the middle section of the congregation’s mission statement: “Rooted in Christ, we are growing in faith to bear fruit in the world.”


What does it mean to grow in faith? According to the teachings of the Lutheran Church, it is the Holy Spirit who initially grants faith. So when we speak of growing in faith, we are referring to the seed of faith that is God-given and thrives as a result of fertile soil, compassionate gardening, the waters of baptism, and lots of Christ’s light. 


Within this broad swath of ministry we find the Great Commission’s practical call to teach. This congregation accomplishes this mandate by providing: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, children’s ministry, youth ministry, adult educational ministry and our Faith Steppingstones program, which recognizes students at 8 pivotal developmental stages: birth/baptism, preschool, kindergarten, my first Bible, first communion, entering confirmation, exiting confirmation, and high school graduation.


It is our hope to deliver a balanced approach to faith development in which all people feel safe to ask questions as we all seek to understand our baptismal identities in Christ.

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